Our research activities

Guest lectures of the Principal Investigator in Milano and ELI Meeting in Rome

Prof. Uzelac as the Principal Investigator in the project, gave guest lectures throughout April 2016 within Jean Monnet Module on European civil procedure in a comparative and transnational perspective which was organised by Università degli Studi di Milano. The topics covered by the Principal investigator were:

  • The Common Law and Civil Law Divide: an Historical PerspectiveAdjudication and State Sovereignty: the Goal of Civil Justice in the Different Legal Traditions,
  • The Main Components of a Judicial System (the Role, Powers and Obligations of Judges, Lawyers and Parties) in a Comparative Perspective, and
  • Summary andFast-Track Proceedings


He also participated in ELI Steering Committee and Co-Reporters  – Joint Meeting in Rome from 21 to 22 April 2016. The program can be found here.


Max Planck Institute Conference From common rules to best practices in European Civil Procedure

The core group (prof. Uzelac, prof. van Rhee and prof. Silvestri), as well as PhD candidates Marko Bratković and Juraj Brozović participated in the Conference From common rules to best practices in European Civil Procedure from 25 to 26 February 2016, organized by Erasmus School of Law and the Max Planck Institute or European, International and Regulatory Procedural Law in Luxembourg.

The conference focused on how to move beyond common rules and towards best practices that give body to mutual trust and judicial cooperation, which can in turn feed the further development of the European civil procedure framework from the bottom up.


Meeting of ELI Special Interest Group "Dispute Resolution" in Wiesbaden

The Dispute Resolution Special Interest Group (SIG) held its first face-to-face meeting on 19-20 February in Wiesbaden (Germany). The event was hosted by the EBS Law School – International University Wiesbaden and received special support of an ELI Member and the EBS Law School Professor Matthias Weller.

The two-day event focused on recent legal developments in Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), particularly in the context of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The meeting was chaired by one of the SIG’s temporary coordinators, ELI member, Professor Thomas Pfeiffer and the organiser of the event, Professor Matthias Weller. It also featured other prominent experts in the field: Alan Uzelac (Professor, Zagreb University), Elizabeth S. Stong (Honorable Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court), Valentin Rétornaz (Assitant Professor, Galatasaray University in Istanbul), Dulce Lopes (Lecturer, University of Coimbra), Rui Dias (Assistant Professor, University of Coimbra) and Participants of the Wiesbaden Dispute Resolution SIG meeting Bologna). The fruitful discussions resulted in the SIG’s decision to further develop the Group’s first endeavour in the area of ISDS and in the agreement on holding regular SIG meetings on a biannual basis.


“Overburdened Supreme Courts: Transplanting Solutions?" Workshop in Maastricht

The Principal Investigator, Marko Bratković and Juraj Brozović participated in international workshop in Maastricht from 17 to 18 February 2016. The topic of the workshop was “Overburdened Supreme Courts: Transplanting Solutions?" The idea was to compare problems, as well as solutions, in regard to the problem of huge caseload on supreme courts throughout the world. The Principal Investigator and Marko Bratković presented problems of Croatian Supreme Court.


Meeting of the ELI Working group on Obligations of parties, judges and lawyers in Pavia

The core group (the Principal Investigator, prof. van Rhee and prof. Silvestri) participated in the meeting of the ELI working group on obligations of parties, judges and lawyers in Colegio Borromeo, Pavia from 11 to 12 February 2016. The meeting was coorganized by Universita degli studi di Pavia.  

During the meeting, the working group continued their work on the drafting on the common European rules of civil procedure in regard to the obligations of parties and parties' representatives. The result was second draft of the Rules. This draft will be presented in Rome at April Steering Committee and Co-Reporters Joint Meeting. The working group also decided to hold the next meeting in Dubrovnik on 26-27 May, where explanatory comments to rules will be discussed. It was also decided to hold in principle another meeting in Paris, for the discussion of the French translation.