Our research activities

Harmonization of Civil Procedure in Europe (Dubrovnik, 28 May - 1 June 2018)

Annual Public and Justice IUC course was organized by team members of the Project from 28 May to 1 June 2018 in Dubrovnik. The specific topic of this year's course was supposed to address the prospects for convergence of European civil justice systems in the times of disintegration. As always, last day was reserved for special panels on legal aid and law clinics. Almost 50 participants contributed to this year's conference.

Full program of the conference can be found here.


Third Annual Conference In Memoriam Srećko Zuglia (Gračišće and Motovun, 26-27 April 2018)

From 26 do 27 April 2018, the Zagreb members of the project team organized the third conference devoted to Prof. Dr. Srećko Zuglia, one of the founders of modern legal science in the field of civil justice in the Faculty of Law, Zagreb. The conference was organized not only in its traditional venue, municipality Gračišće, but also in Motovun. 

This year's conference was different from two previous ones. This year's conference was completely devoted to the practitioners  - local judges and lawyers - and the issues they noticed in their work. The conference dealt with practial implications of recent reforms, with special emphasis on two topics: the issues arising out of court organization reforms and experience with enforcement under new Enforcement Act. 

The program of the conference can be found here (Croatian only). See here for the list of participants.


International Conference on Consumer Redress (Stellenbosch, 9-10 April 2018)

From 9 to 10 April 2018, Prof. Uzelac participated in the International Conference on Consumer Redress in Stellenbosch (South Africa), jointly organized by Stellenbosch University (dr. Theo Broodryk) and KU Leuven (prof. dr. Stefaan Voet). The purpose of the conference was to discuss various local and international consumer redress mechanisms, including alternative dispute resolution methods and class actions, as a means to resolving consumer disputes. The conference was attended by scholars from South-Africa, Europe, the US and Asia.

The program of the conference can be found here.


Soft Law in International Commercial Arbitration and Vis Moot (Vienna, 25 March 2018)

Prof. Uzelac participated in the 25th Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna (23-28 March 2018). During his visit, he also participated in the lecture of Prof. Bergsten "Soft Law in International Commercial Arbitration" organized by University of Vienna and the Austrian Arbitration Association.

See here for the schedule of the moot events.


Reforms and Developments in Eastern European Procedure Law (Bergen, 16 March 2018)

On 16 March 2018, Prof. Uzelac, Prof. van Rhee and Marko Bratković participated in the seminar on civil procedure "Reforms and Developments in Eastern European Procedure Law" which was organized by Faculty of Law, Bergen. During the seminar, Marko Bratković talked about the role of the Supreme Court of Croatia. The program of the conference can be found here. During their visit, Prof. Uzelac and Prof. van Rhee also participated in the meeting of the ELI working group on judges, parties and lawyers.