Transformation of civil justice in Croatia and Slovenia

From 7 to 8 September 2017 the project members organized scientific conference named "Transformation of civil justice in Croatia and Slovenia: History and Modernity". It was organized in Sveti Martin na Muri in the hearth of Croatian region Međimurje. This region was chosen since one of the purposes of the conference was to celebrate 500th anniversary of the publication of Werőczy's Tripartitum, the first codification of procedural law in this part of Europe. The purpose of the conference was to track transformation of civil justice in these 500 years.

The specific topics discussed at the conference dealt with the issue of case management, orality of the trial, costs and access to justice, as well as the novelties in the field of enforcement. Zagreb part of the team was joined by Prof. Dr. Galič who was accompanied by his Slovenian colleagues, as well as Mag. Nina Betetto, judge of Slovenian Supreme Court. More than 40 participants attended the conference.

Full program of the conference can be found here.